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The Magic Braiding Tip

If you're anything like've pinned boards of braids on Pinterest, and then immediately wanted to try them out.

I mean, braids are cuter than throwing on a lazy day ball-cap, and they are WAY trendier.

Mastering a braid will look cute under the floppy hats we're all about to bust out of our closets, and as a bonus, they will keep our hair from bunching up around flannel blanket scarves this Fall...


Braids can be super-easy, or they can be super-hard...

And we are here to tell you- if you want your braid to be SUPER-EASY- then you need the MAGIC ingredient: Davines This Is A Texture Dust.

This is the main ingredient you need when you are attempting to style a braid on soft hair: to get it a little "dirty"...

We aren't referring to not washing your hair all week, then attempting to style it all fancy....No, what we mean is, you need to add a little Davines Texture Dust to give it some grip, since you are more than likely, working with soft, clean hair.


We recommend: styling the hair with your curling iron first, starting the braid of your choice, THEN sprinkling a little texture dust on the braid as you go.

This magic powder will keep all the strands from "poking" out, especially if you have layers.

It will also help you when you go to pull out specific pieces for a chunkier, fatter braid.

Doing this helps everything look a little more "boho".

The end result: a simple braid, made cute, with hold that will last all day!

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