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Watch Me Get Lip Injections

I filmed a video of when I went to Sukkar Center For Plastic Surgery to get my lips filled. It's probably the 4th or 5th time I have had them done, and every time it's been at Sukkar with my girl Jana Strada.

It's worth a watch if it's something you've been interested in! It usually lasts me about 10-12 months. I love having them filled because when I smile my my top lip basically goes away, so sad. The micro-blading hurt just a bit more than lip injections in my opinion, and at least with this you get numbing cream!

***If you don't like needles and get squeamish with medical stuff I recommend fast forwarding through the sticking part.

Sukkar Center for Plastic Surgery

1616 Clear Lake CIty Blvd.

Houston, tx 77062

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