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Learn to Curl



Have you ever wish you could make your hair look fabulous at home?

Maybe you want the same professional results your stylist is always able to give you, but you can't get the hang of that dreaded curling iron...

I mean, blow-dry bars are great and all...but honestly, who has the time?

Let US teach YOU HANDS-ON how to; curl, wave, and style your OWN hair, so that YOU can recreate professional results at home, anytime.

Let US equip YOU with the same skills and techniques we use on a daily basis behind the chair In our salon!

You will learn more in our 2-hour class, than you will with a dozen YouTube videos.

All you need is a 1" clamp curling iron, and a desire to learn!

No experience required!

All classes held at RESERVED Salon.

All sales final.
Tickets and products are non-refundable.
However, tickets CAN be transferred to a friend
in the event you cannot attend.

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