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Common Questions

Things to know for your appointment...

  • Please book ALL of the services you wish to have performed. For example: root color + haircut style, root color + quick dry option. If the booking system will not allow you to do so, there is not enough time on the schedule. Please then contact us via email.

  • As of OCTOBER 1ST 2023, we will be operating 0ut of our new location 

    • 1101 W Main Street League City, TX 77573​​​​

  • You will receive a confirmation email/text prior to your scheduled appointment- if you have NOT received any correspondence, please contact, as your appointment MAY NOT be booked or confirmed. Especially, if you have booked it online, yourself.

  • RESERVED takes appointments by reservation only, we kindly ask that you let us know 24 hours in advance for any cancellations & rescheduling.

  • We do require a credit card to guarantee that your reservation is solid on our schedule. In the event of a cancellation (within the 24hr mark), RESERVED will need to charge a $75 convenience fee for the missed hour.

  • Complimentary snacks and drinks are offeredYou may help yourself!

  • You do not have to have freshly washed hair prior to arriving for an appointment. We will not be freaked out if you have just left the gym, or if you are on your 6th day of dry shampoo...we all are!

  • Please also be mindful of time. We would like as much time to plan, plot, & talk about your amazing hair as possible. Arriving 10-15 minutes late can affect the outcome of the services being performed, or even cut them short. 

  • Please limit the amount of people traveling with you to 1. We are boutique and cozy, which means limited parking and a smaller working environment. 

  • REAL TALK- CHILDREN UNDER 12 YEARS IN THE SALON: in our boutique salon environment, there are liabilities and hazards we would like to protect little ones from such as; sharp scissors and blades, exposed hot-irons, hanging mirrors, etc. If at all possible, please only bring kiddos having services performed. We are parents as well, and sincerely find, that everyone is able to concentrate and perform services at a higher quality and standard without the worry. We are truly sorry if this inconveniences anyone regarding their childcare, and will waive any cancellation fee that may incur because of this rule.​​

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