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I Mean, LITERALLY, All About Fredericksburg

You have all been warned- this post will be over-flowing with pictures and information.

First and foremost, I wanted to let everyone know that everytime we head to Fredricksburg for the weekend, we book our stay through a local B&B management company called Absolute Charm.

Our pick this time was a property called "Alberts Alistan", which was previously an old barn the owners converted into a two bedroom, two bath cottage. This was our third stay using Absolute Charm and they have YET to disappoint. The property was UBER cute, spacious, and decorated 100% like a reclaimed, rustic farmhouse, which I loved!!!

The only thing that was even mildly unsatisfactory was our mattress. My husband complained every night of it hurting his back, however, he IS used to a Tempurpedic. I had really no problems except there was no ceiling fan in our room. I know, first world problems...

(Alberts Alistan property shown below)

The actual town of Fredricksburg, TX is really quite adorable, there are several stores, plenty of local eateries, and A TON of things to TASTE. For whatever reason, these people LOVE to put things/salsa, jams, olive oil, almond butter, jalepanos, you name it, etc. on top of a mound creamed cheese. It's so strange but I am 100% OK with it. You could literally sample things all day- from wine to craft beers, so bring your appetite & your stretchy jeans...

Also, I LOVE driving around to look at all the cool historical landmarks and "Sunday" homes. They are all very unique, and make for some pretty pictures.

Most of the things we do (especially at night) are in town, and very close to where the Absolute Charm properties are located. I love to stop in all the shops just because it is fun to browse, my husband HATES this part so I would def. recommend having a gal pal present.

(Root, shown below, has a lot of fun lines of clothing like Show Me Your MUMU, and Splendid)

One of my clients recommended (and asked us to pick her up a candle) at Circle E Candles while we were there this time, and OMG. For all you candle freaks out there- you are welcome...I had a field day at this place. I mean to tell you that I ACTUALLY lifted the glass jar lid on every candle in the room, and sniffed it. I left with 6 new candles.

(Circle E Candles shown below, there is a store right in town, as well as a warehouse by the wineries on highway 290)

Pretty much all of our favorite restaurants are in town, with the exception of Cabernet Grill which is closer to The Hanger Hotel), and is slightly out of town.

My all time favorite is restaurant is Crossroads. You can have dinner here, then head right into their bar to watch some live music and A LOT of two-stepping. This is definitely the spot for some people watching, and one of the ONLY late-night bars!

(Crossroads menu shown below, it was super dark by the time we had dinner, this was my only pic!)

Vaudville Bistro has a pretty cool Supper Club that will do food and wine pairings for a price ($$$$) but TOTALLY worth it. At the Supper Club the food comes CHEF selected so if you have any allergies, or in my husbands case, AVERSIONS (like seafood of any kind...) you may want to stick to the regular menu. They also have a Bistro downstairs which is GREAT for coffee, cheese boards, & deserts!

(Vaudeville shown below)

Rathskellar is great for ANY-TIME dining. The german restaurant itself is located downstairs in the towns old morgue which is pretty cool, and not as disgusting as it sounds. You can literally order ANYTHING, but I suggest the biscuits and gravy,

(Rathskellar shown below)

The last notable restaurant I want to mention is Cabernet Grill. This is located slightly out of town, closer to the airport. The food is amazing, and you MUST make reservations. Unless you are like us, and eat with the senior citizens. My husband ordered the filet mingon and said "it was the best steak I have ever had, hands down".

I really enjoyed feeding the koi fish out front in their pond, in fact, they have an entire gumball machine full of fish food for your entertainment. REALLY wish I had gotten a picture of this...

(Cabernet Grill shown below)

One of my ALL-TIME favorite antique stores isThe Attic, located at the edge of town. It's like walking into a really cute garage sale where you can find cow heads, doilies, old chairs, vases, silver, and just plain ole junk. And all the Joanna Gaines wannabes know it's a gold mine for decor finds.

(The Attic shown below)

Ok, now on to the wineries.

I'm going to list these in order of favorites because we have tried ALL of the wineries that Fredricksburg has to offer (and new ones pop up every year) but for us, these are our ride or die:

1. Kuhlman Cellars (members)

2. Grape Creek (members)

3. Messina Hof (members)

4. Mendelbaum Cellars

5. 4.0 Cellars (members)

6. Torre Di Pietra

And for my last recomendation, you ABSOLUTELY must have drinks and watch the sun set at The Hanger Hotel & Officer's Club. I would definitely suggest having the pinapple mojito with fresh mint from their garden! It was SO good.

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