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Sea-Salt Spray

I have always found it difficult to send clients home with sea-salt sprays for the hair because they can be pretty tricky. Working with salt is akin to being at the beach: you get hit by a wave, and between the sunburn on your forehead and your snarled bangs, you can’t run your hands through your hair anymore.

Salt spray creates texture in our hair that, when used properly, can be JUST what we need for fine, limp locks. I picked up two of my favorite sprays: DryBar’s Mai Tai Spritzer, and Organix Morrocan Sea-Salt Spray (sold at CVS), to share with you all.

The one from DryBar is considerably lighter than Organix, so it would be IDEAL for blondes, chemically dependent clients, or really fine haired babes. This product can be sprayed at the roots BEFORE blow-drying, then again AFTER curling the hair when dry (as your last step). You can also diffuse your entire head with the blow dryer (to keep your natural waves), then spritz/scrunch this in (as your last step).

The one from Organix is a bit heavier in terms of saltiness and grip…it definitely leaves you feeling like you have been for a swim in the ocean. You ladies will NOT be running your hands through your hair with this one. I, however, love the texture it gives off, so this one is more suitable for the girls who have healthy hair, and claim that it NEVER holds a curl. Only use this product AFTER your blow-dry, and AFTER curling your head with a 1 inch curling iron for an undone-beach look.

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