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3 Apps To Organize Your Life

I dread having a phone attached to me at all times, I absolutely do.

These days, the amount of endless social media required to work in the hair industry is giving me carpal tunnel...

I will, seriously, do ANYTHING to lower the amount of mindless thumbing I do in my downtime.

Thankfully, since stumbling upon these apps, I have really managed to lower the amount of time I spend daily, and work more efficiently!

Read on if I've piqued your interest...



This app is pretty straight forward. It is an organizational app specifically for your instagram. You can edit photos, write captions ahead of time, and really place them in a way on your grid that allows for more thought than just on the fly. I can collect content through the month (or week), sit down, and really think about captions and hashtags. From there I assign a date and schedule my posts!

Now, if you aren't a blogger or run a business, chances that you care about this one are slim. BUT- I can tell you; the simplicity of being able to organize my photos and delete them off my camera roll could, honestly, even help me on my personal instagram as well!


Focus Matrix:

Now, this bad boy of an app is the REAL MVP of them all. I am a task-master, and a to-do list maker. I relish in the ability to pull thoughts out of my mind, and put them in a list to be revisited later. It sounds really OCD but I hate to procrastinate.

If you're anything like me, then you know how troublesome it can be to forget to do something. Or even worse, to forget to write down something you meant to do, and THEN forget to do it. This app essentially creates 4 quadrants of to-do lists, in order of importance and of date.

Surprisingly, just seeing all of your tasks broken down in order helps to keep you focused on the most important things at hand, aka MISSION CRITICAL. So you don't end up on Amazon or Pinterest instead...

To say I am obsessed- is putting it mildly.

Now, I can let my list tell me what are the most important tasks in my day. As an added bonus, it syncs with my google calendar, as well as across all my devices.



Another organizational app that will leave you numbers and budgets lovers drooling...If ever you've wanted to organize your spending (yet, been PRETTY bad at guesstimating, ahem...) this app is for you.

I have been so much more intentional with my spending since loading this onto my phone. I can't tell you how many wasted lattes, and needless subscriptions I threw away my money on before realizing where it was all going- and assigning a place for it.

It's not a new app by any means, and I'm sure that some of you already-adults have probably created a budget at this stage in life. But- this app REALLY is pretty smart.

Mint will help you create goals for say, vacations, and then break down airfare, hotel, food, etc. It will also tell you daily if you are on track to hit your goals, or if you're on track to go into the red!

Life saving!!

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