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You May Not Be Shampooing Properly

Shampooing is one of the most important steps in our hair routine, and most of us are doing it wrong. I get so many clients coming into the salon complaining of oily hair, build up, flakes, not being able to get their blowout to last, and even products not working for them.


More often than not, when I ask clients how they are shampooing they basically tell me they pour the shampoo in their hands, do a quick once over, MAYBE get it to lather, and then rinse.

Now, for men- that MIGHT work. For ladies? Absolutely not.

I'll just tell it like I tell all my clients on a daily basis, double cleansing is a MUST.

Shampoo not once, but twice.

I explain it like this; we ladies first take off our makeup with a cleansing wipe or oil, then we use face wash to get all that left over junk off our face a second time, right?

If you are correctly washing your face then the answer is YES!

So, why would your scalp be any different? We put loads of powder, hair-spray, and conditioners on our hair daily then expect a great lather by just wetting our hair, rubbing our temples, and rinsing.

But try this: shampoo first with a clarifying (like, Davines Solu Shampoo) or your daily shampoo just to wet and lightly lather everything, rinse, and repeat a second time more thoroughly. I guarantee the second time you lather up will completely WOW you. You'll get a true clean, and possibly start to break up all that old build up.

Another thing I tell clients to add to the routine is a scalp brush. Many are available on Amazon for pretty cheap, and during that second shampoo it can really help break the build up on the scalp apart. I tell you this is a complete MUST for anyone with THICK hair. Really focus when the hair is lathering on the back of the head, close to the neck. Check this one out on Amazon:

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