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Masters Of Balayage Class

Taylor and I had to the opportunity to take a pretty awesome class led by some AMAZING hair artists: Jeffery McConachie, Karla Gomez, as well as the Masters of Balayage creator, Ryan Weeden.

Normally, the local hair shows don't excite me as much as traveling to NYC, Miami, or LA would but I was really looking forward to this class. As a very small group, we learned some new balayage techniques and business tips.

Ryan spoke about his story and how he created his brand @Mastersofbalayage, and how he grew his followers and his art. Super inspiring! We both couldn't wait to get back to the salon and try out the new techniques for ourselves.

Needless to say, we were very inspired to try the techniques so here we have an after of the balayage we did on our client, Hannah. So pleased with the result and the tweaks we learned from the class.

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