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Reserved Salon Adopt-A-Family: Prendas Family 2018

We had a wonderful lunch today at the studio hosting the Prendas family and their daughter Mia! Mia is 8, she's a girly girl who LOVED all of her LOL Dolls and LOL Doll Dreamhouse. She loves the color pink and any girly accessories. Mia's mom, Keitlyn, works and also goes to culinary school. They were such a sweet family, and so excited to be spoiled by the RESERVED Salon clients.

I want to personally thank all the donors for their time and thoughts, it was such a special occasion for everyone! Thanks to the efforts of everyone combined we were able to raise $635! Way to go guys!

Lori Markel

Kate Johnston

Brenda Henson

Kathleen Henson

Lisa Nelsen

Alexandrea Smith

Amanda Buegeler

Paul Armand

Maggie Falconer

Ginny Niemeyer

Jenni Anderson

Nicki Simpson

Stephanie Schwindel

Meredith Howell

Taylor Henson



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