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Gift Cards and Salon News

It has almost been one WHOLE year since I have posted to this blog and I'm 100% at fault for being lazy. The year just flew by...but honestly I have no excuses. SO, with that being said I have much news to share!

1) I now have ACTUAL gift cards to offer to my clients. This is huge for me because I have procrastinated and procrastinated (much like I did with this blog) and finally told myself I was going to order some. They are here and ready to be offered up. No more printing out a voucher on regular old printer paper, no sir. These are actual plastic cards that can be reused with my logo and website on them.

2) I wanted to be sure that if you didn't get the email that you all know I am offering a special on my website for the Fall; $10 off any service-excluding spray-tans. Some of my regulars never need to visit my website (for booking purposes) so they never see that I DO offer specials throughout the year! The specials vary depending on the season so be sure to check the website out from time to time.

3) RESERVED Salon is moving YET again. This has come as a shock (again) to many of my clients, as well as myself, but the building I currently rent from is being sold. After much deliberation I felt the need to get into something a little more secure, as well as a larger more functional space with room to grow. I can't disclose the location yet, as we are still negotiating the lease, but just know I will be announcing (and moving) by NOVEMBER 1ST. * Please do not worry your little heads because it will only be 2 miles from the current West Gray location. Still staying central to Houston, ladies!

(Mock drawing of the new space by Taylor Henson of Interior Elements Interior Design)

4) The charitable Christmas season is coming up fast, which means it's almost time to announce RESERVED Salon's annual ADOPT-A-FAMILY details. I will be getting paired with a family within this next month or two and will start compiling a list of things they will need/want. Again, I will be gifting $20 vouchers to anyone who donates, which can be used towards anything in the salon. Unlike the previous years, I will have the space to host a soiree celebrating the family and all those who donate, and/or would like to come meet the family. More details to come: keep an eye on your emails and social media accounts.



Wow, that was a page full of news. Hope it doesn't take another year to get it all out again.



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