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Gift Ideas 2017!

It's that time of year again everyone, and I know you have all seen my Snapchats with all the finished gifts I'm ready to give! I thought it would be helpful to point out some things I am obsessed with this year, and some creative gifts for the hard-to-buy for. There are definitely items for the beauty obsessed, the manly men, your little ones, and your favorite food-lovers!

I hope this helps kick start your Christmas shopping this year- and don't forget to pre-book your holiday hair appointments!

xo, Emily

Love a good lip scrub- this could be used year round- and they have TONS of scents like: candy cane and orange soda...YUM

Peel off masks are really popular right now, they will clear out all the gunk in your pores and help shrink them! What a fun thing to do while watching Netflix by the fire am-I-right?

Not really needing an explanation here because baths are so relaxing, and this will be your girlfriend or wife's dream come true.

I get at least 6 of these candles every time I hit the wineries in Fredericksburg, TX. Nothing but the best!

This might just be the next best thing since sliced bread. It literally takes the pain away from your feet after a long day in heels, especially if you STILL can't take them off.

I can't even convey how amazing the Triple Sec Texturizing Spray from DryBar smells, and NOW they have a candle.

One of my favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus endorses these and they are perfectly shaped for removing eye makeup with water. Just wet, fold, and wipe!

A less-expensive version of the Google Home, does everything on a smaller scale. Play music, set alarms, check traffic all without lifting a finger.

For the selfie-obsessed who crave that perfect lighting without a bulky case.

I think this is the perfect way to showcase all the "manly" drinks your husband will need for his friends in the garage...

I have never been more excited to brush my teeth, it even links to an app to tell you how long to brush!

Aldi is such a fun store, currently run by Trader Joe's, they put out some really spunky products like this one!

And if you're feeling REALLY spunky, this box set takes wines by the glass to the next level.

I love spices and dips that I wouldn't ordinarily buy for my self. Picture dipping into these on New Year's Eve with that wine we talked about...

No easier way to shake things up in the kitchen! Experiment, have fun.

Had these as a kid and I must say they stilll look like so much fun- gives me flashbacks and the kids a fun way to build without small parts.

Come ON. How cute is this?! Would probably take up your whole living room but maybe you could wrap it around the tree when the little one comes down on X-mas morning!

Learn to eat and drink at a table like mom and dad do! Also, a safe place to practice with crayons on the cheap.

I want one in every color please. Seasonal and practical, though probably not waterproof. PS, these are for kiddos.

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