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Reserved Salon's First Annual Adopt-a-Family

We want to give a BIG, and warm shout-out to all the Reserved Salon clients who were able to donate to our first annual Adopt-A-Family.

We were able to raise enough donations, AND gifts to help a single mother and her young son of 3, Elijah, enjoy an amazing Christmas eve.

Elijah was completely in love with Paw Patrol toys, and was in need of some warmer clothing. Momma was also in need of maternity clothing, and newborn clothing for the bundle of joy she had on the way. We were able to meet all their wishes on the list, and then some thanks to all the donations!

My father and I were also able to pick up Papa's Brothers Bar-b-q for a wonderful Christmas meal the family could enjoy later for dinner as well.

We feel so blessed to be able to contribute back to the families of Houston when we can, we look forward to hosting more families in the years to come!

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