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I Love Antiques

Today I stepped out of the house to grab Starbucks, and ended up at an antique store instead. This happens all the time, and before I know it it's been 5 hours of random browsing. I scored some pretty cool stuff though, so I have to admit my little escapades prove to be worth it every time.

The antique shop I most frequently visit is Jeter's Old World Antiques. Once you are checking out with your loot (because I know you won't be leaving there without SOMETHING cool) be sure to grab a free antique shopping guide (or map) of the area.

There is also a WEBSITE verson of the antique shopping guide, which I have for you HERE.

(Jeter's Old World Antiques)

474 County Rd 443, Angleton, TX 77515

I snagged this Fall chalkboard and wreath for $15. It came with "fall" written on it, and thank goodness since I have terrible hand-writing.

The "Hello Fall" chalk-painted silver platter & the stand (underneath the chalkboard) was $10. Can you believe it?!

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