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Braids and Bobs

Ok. I'm not the first (nor will I be the last) person to hop on this bandwagon... But I will say, with every style I do, I think about how to incorporate a braid somewhere in my client’s hair...It's become quite the obsession.

​Sadly, the downside to cutting all your hair off (like most of us randomly do), is that you can't just whip out an extra 12 inches of hair to start braiding on your head.

My solution: definitely having a package or two of clip-in hair extensions in your arsenal!

I like to double up the clip wefts on top of each other, place them around the base of my bob, braid them into as much of my hair length as I can, and then secure with an elastic at the end. You can even use the whole package of extensions to wrap around a low pony for a sleek or messy bun, cross pinning to secure!

It can be really fun to try a few different types of braids: fishtail, loops, french, dutch, or even several little boho-hippie braids! One night of Youtube Videos and you'll be a pro.

Feel free to pick up a versatile package of clip-on extensions at Sally's Beauty Supply, Bellami Pro Houston, or come see us at the salon to match and order the perfect set with cut and color!

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