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Beauty For Budgetting Babes

I'm not sure about you guys, but I have really started to enjoy saving my money (as opposed to blowing through it like I did in my early twenties). But you see, I love all things beauty related, plus I'm a sucker for fashion trends. The end result: I want, want, and want until the wanting has drained my bank account. Kidding (sort of...)

So here are some tips that I have learned along the way which have drastically altered my spending.

1) Do your own nails. Now this is OPTIONAL...but if you are anything like me- you just absolutely cannot commit to one color. Sometimes I like my nails to be black as night, and other times I like them pink and sparkly. I have found that I can cut $160 a month by doing my nails at home with a Gel manicure kit that can be purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply. But every now and then, DO pop in and get a pedicure! No explanation needed.

2) Have your morning coffee at home. Purchase a Starbucks Verisimo with the 30 Bed Bath & Beyond coupons you have at home, and you will save yourself 200-300 calories daily. That means you COULD be gaining 1 lb. every 11 days. OMG. But, you say, "I'm that rare bird who drinks my Starbucks coffee BLACK", the Verisimo machine will still be saving you $2 a day- that’s $60 a month. There went your new YSL lipstick...

3) Refer a friend to your Hair Stylist. This one is easy because it doesn't cost you anything but your words. Most stylists are MORE than happy to give away referral discounts because referrals are our BEST business. Pick up a few cards next time you are at your hair appointment, write your name on the back, then pass them out when you receive a compliment. I, personally, give off $20 a service for each referral you send my way. That is HALF a blowout you will receive for free, a FULL sized product, or even half-off a Brazilian Express Treatment you could add to your service. Think about it!

4) Self tan at home. There are PLENTY of awesome at-home tanners, Bondi Sands, St. Tropez, Million Dollar Tan to name a few. But my suggestion is to have it professionally done once a month (or before a big event) and do the maintenance at home to save some major $$$. If you have a membership at Darque Tan then that is ALREADY saving you money. But like I said, some of us can't commit.

5) Reuse your false lashes. I have totally started doing this. Ever since I started having my makeup professionally applied (shout out to Sun Kissed and Madeup), when they give me lashes, I hoard them like they are the last drops of water on the planet. They always pick the best styles. So I reuse those puppies until they fall apart or get lost. Just don't forget to pull off the OLD glue very gently, or spritz them with a bit of alcohol to sanitize (let it dry before applying it back on your eyes).

6) Purchase your designer digs on I'm okay with saying that all the Louis, Tory, and Kate’s in my closet are pre-loved and have saved me LITERALLY thousands of $$$. My husband thanks me for it, my savings account thanks me for it, and I still get that awesome feeling from splurging on designer shoes, bags, and wallets.

Now, put all that extra savings towards something IMPORTANT. No matter what the trends say, nothing is more attractive than a woman who can support herself and saves for her FUTURE!


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