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Correcting The Bob

There is one thing I am hoping to clarify: that not all bobs are cut the same.

I cannot stress how many clients come to see us at the salon to fix a cut, in which their trendy "bob" ended up something straight out of a 90's nightmare.


Bobs from the 90's era were thick and flat, exactly what you would think of when the words 'little-girl bob' come to mind. They do exactly nothing but hang there, without changing shape. It is very hard to curl this style as it is designed to be smooth, round, and flat.

There are major adjustments that need to be made when creating a bob style suited for 2019. The underside needs to be the shortest, softest layer, while each section there after, needs to be cut progressively longer, and made to look seamless and textured. Perfect for the modern waves.

Razors are often involved, yet the same look can be achieved with scissors.


While 90's bobs are coming back into play, there is a definite difference between the two eras- then and now.

Please remember this at your next appointment, and do remember to choose a stylist who can evolve their techniques with the trends.

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