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The Sienna Miller Effect

While I try my darndest to stay away from clichés...the one where the bride grows out her hair, only to chop it off the day after her wedding, seems SO appealing to me these days. Especially, when I see pictures of Sienna Miller's new haircut day in, and day out.

First on the scene with this look was Julianne Hough (shown above), and though many, MANY pretty ladies have followed suit, none of them have excited us more than Sienna. I have probably received this picture to replicate almost 20 times since she wowed us with it at the Golden Globes.

Pros to this haircut:

  • Well for starters, you can basically air-dry your hair, and then bust out your curling wand to polish it off (super-fast).

  • You will NEVER spend more than 10 minutes in a steamy bathroom, blowing-out your ridiculously long hair.

  • Braiding the front can give it a bohemian twist, and help keep it out of your face for working out.

Cons to this haircut:

  • Say bye-bye to your ponytails. If you can manage one, it's sure to look something like what Bam-Bam would wear.

  • Invest in some good bobby pins, as they will be your NEW best friends. (Disclaimer: anyone living with you will more than likely become annoyed that these metal buddies end up on the floor, the bathtub ledge, the bedside table, and the car cup-holders). Can't help you there.

Tips for this haircut:

  • A deep side part is UBER necessary

  • One side, tucked neatly behind the ear polishes this look nicely for formal events.


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