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The New Brow- To Wax or Thread

When it comes to sculpting brows, the question is always do we get waxed? Or do we get threaded? And whenever I’ve asked myself it was always simply to wax. Up until this week I had no clue what threading was or if I even qualified for it. For me, waxing was just one quick, painful moment in time when all that unpleasant hair would be replaced by unsightly red puffiness.

I had always assumed that threading was soley for those with thicker eyebrows. Like, ones that grow on the faces of Kim Kardashian or Camilla Belle. But turns out, it's for everyone. I mean EVERYONE. Threading plucks hairs out in extremely straight, precise lines, which means the technician can create actual shapes and angles where there were none before.

  • it only takes 5 minutes

  • it's much LESS painful than waxing (my eyes didn’t even water)

  • you don’t walk around with a red face rash afterwards

  • and that little wonder thread can create eyebrow shapes you’ve only seen on YouTube.


This life changing epiphany is only validated more each time I look into the mirror at my new eyebrows. I would HIGHLY recommend doing this ASAP.

(p.s. that is NOT me up there, but it's a pretty great representation)

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