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Really Talking About Red

I am thoroughly excited because for the first time, in a LONG time, people are starting to let a little red back into their lives. I see clients all day, everyday and let me tell you, red is the one color that clients HATE their hair for some reason. Yet somehow the stars have aligned and now, by the grace of all that is good, I am allowed to play with one of my favorite hair colors.

I will say that there are so many variations of red it can get confusing to decide which one work best. In my oppinion, the easiest way to compare reds is to take your favorite red lipstick in to your stylist. Let them (first) tell you if you are wearing the right shade of red for your complexion, and (second) match it to a shade that will work best in your hair.

Blue-based reds will help cancel out the yellowing in teeth, as it will also work with clients who have more yellow undertones in their skin.

Gold/copper reds work well with every skin tone from fair or pink, all the way to deeper tans. This is the most versataille shade since it consists of red, orange, and gold.

Bright oranges, and strawberry reds work best when pared with milky or porcelein skin tones. This particular shade of red hair color is too light for the darker complected (it would blend too much with olive skin tones). Some bronze complexions can get away with this color (think Blake Lively), but there are seldom few.

Auburn reds (predominantly more brown than red) can work on just about anyone looking to add a little red to their salon visits, but without fully commiting to a head of intensely red hair.

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