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RESERVED Salon Introduces Davines

You may never have heard the name 'Davines' before, and you most definitely will not have seen it around the grocery or drug store, either. I'd heard some talk about it in the past, but not given it too much thought, until now...

As many of the clients who follow me on social media have gathered, I have become more conscience of the chemicals that are, unavoidably, all around us. I work in them daily, I clean with them daily, and they come sealed into my clothes without my knowledge. While I can't control the vast majority of the things I come in contact with in the public environment, there is one area I can control: the salon. It is without hesitation that I've decided to bring Davines into our salon space for everyone to experience, as I have been lately.


I am proud to announce that, not only will Reserved Salon house Davines styling products, shampoos and conditioners, we will be utilizing their hair coloring line as well.

This decision for change did not come lightly. My thoughts are always geared toward our clients and the best result for their hair. Ultimately, Davines stands for eco-packaging, B-corporation certified, sustainability, uses 100% clean electric from renewable energy, and is 100% transparent with the ingredients they put into their products (which all can be found here). With much consideration, I am very excited to be offering a much safer product.


The color line 'is and innovative permanent cream-based colouring system using Vibrachrom™ technology that is unprecedented in the cosmetics world, giving hair intense conditioning power and extraordinarily shiny, long-lasting colour, by penetrating more evenly into the hair structure. Flexible, easy-to-use system with low ammonia smell ideal for covering white hair, reflect changing, darkening or lightening up to three levels. PPD and parabens free'. As a bonus, the packaging is made of FSC recycled paper and is compostable.

While I cannot wait to introduce this luxurious line to the amazing clients of Reserved Salon, I must also announce to everyone that all services will be receiving a $5 price increase to allow for some truly amazing products be with us going forward. Please also bear in mind that we will continuously be sending out promotional emails with coupon codes and discounts to help ease into this transition.

To read more about this awesome product line, and more on their company, please visit their website here!

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