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Clearing My Acne With A Clarisonic

So, at 25 years old I've realized that those really stubborn zits that randomly pop up on your face NEVER go away- at least not completely. It's also occurred to me that sleeping with makeup on almost always exacerbates this.

Obviously, I never intend to fall asleep with a full face of makeup on, nor do I like to wake up looking like bozo the clown with it completely smeared. But accidents do happen. And no matter how much face wash, cleansing scrub, tonic, or soap I use, it NEVER completely comes off anyway.

Now, I've found that the only way to get a clean, makeup-free face, is to use a Clarisonic. Mine has been absent in my routine for about 3 months since I lost the charger (and you can only purchase them separately online). So, instead I washed my pillows, washed my hands before washing my face, went with high-end department store acne products, went with CVS acne products, went to my dermatologist office- all to no avail.

And when I was just about to chalk my stubborn face problems up to hormones, my Clarisonic charger came in the mail! To my surprise and delight my acne cleared up after one week of use. Thus proving that it REALLY does work.

My current favorite face-wash routine:

1) For a DEEP clean, apply face-wash to Clarisonic head (Simple Face Wash)

2) Then Clarisonic to DRY face.

3) Use dry for 1 minute

4) Add water to lather, then rinse.

5) Pat dry

6) Use moisturizer (Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer)

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