RESERVED Salon Adopt's The Guzmans

Here is a quick video recap of the Guzman's opening (half) of their gifts! I obviously had to edit down quite a lot of material so if you aren't seeing all the gifts- don't worry- they got them! :)

I am so blessed to have such an amazing network of clients, friends, and family willing to jump at the opportunity to help my cause. I will continue this tradition each year!

A special thanks to:

Kelsey Pennington Gibson Stephanie Schwindel Brenda Marshall Henson Beth Berkley Wallace Ginny Niemeyer Jennifer Claunch Cortney Blomstrom Deborah Quinn Hensel Paul Armand Joanna Frazier EriKa A Ganey Staci Wilson Taylor Ferrara

And hopefully I am not leaving anyone out! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! <3 It means the world to me.

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Reserved Salon Features: Davines & Farm House Fresh Products

Elevated Shade® Age-Defending 100% Mineral Sunscreen
Elevated Shade® Age-Defending 100% Mineral Sunscreen

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