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What's On My Kindle

I don't get to read very often anymore, and to be perfectly honest, some of these books I read PRE-BABY. But, even if you have to listen to them on tape- I still would. If you have a long commute, or sit in traffic, put the podcasts away for a bit and listen to these books!


I'm really on this bettering-my-business kick so, naturally, GirlBoss was high on the reading list. Dave Ramsey has me saving and working HARD, so I had to add his Ramsey Personality Christie Wright and her book on the list; Business Boutique. ALL must reads, and ALL on my Kindle E-reader! I even re-read them sometimes for extra motivation. 


1) Girl Boss By Sophia Amoruso

2) Live It Love It Earn It By Marianna Olszewski

3) Leave Your Mark By Aliza Licht

4) Business Boutique By Christie Wright

5) Entre Leadership By Dave Ramsey




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