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I Mean, LITERALLY, All About Fredericksburg



You have all been warned- this post will be over-flowing with pictures and information.


First and foremost, I wanted to let everyone know that everytime we head to Fredricksburg for the weekend, we book our stay through a local B&B management company called Absolute Charm.


Our pick this time was a property called "Alberts Alistan", which was previously an old barn the owners converted into a two bedroom, two bath cottage. This was our third stay using Absolute Charm and they have YET to disappoint. The property was UBER cute, spacious, and decorated 100% like a reclaimed, rustic farmhouse, which I loved!!! 


The only thing that was even mildly unsatisfactory was our mattress. My husband complained every night of it hurting his back, however, he IS used to a Tempurpedic. I had really no problems except there was no ceiling fan in our room. I know, first world problems...


(Alberts Alistan property shown below)






The actual town of Fredricksburg, TX is really quite adorable, there are several stores, plenty of local eateries, and A TON of things to TASTE. For whatever reason, these people LOVE to put things/salsa, jams, olive oil, almond butter, jalepanos, you name it, etc. on top of a mound creamed cheese. It's so strange but I am 100% OK with it. You could literally sample things all day- from wine to craft beers, so bring your appetite & your stretchy jeans...


Also, I LOVE driving around to look at all the cool historical landmarks and "Sunday" homes. They are all very unique, and make for some pretty pictures.