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Holiday Hours & Gifts

Season's greetings are in order as the holidays are right around the corner. I blinked then suddenly it was cold, and clients were booking for upcoming parties and Christmas dinners. Speaking of Christmas, here are some recommendations so you don't get everyone gift cards like last year.

1) A Clarisonic. Definitely worth the $100-250 ish that you might find it for (check It's waterproof and takes off all that gross dead skin that builds up in the winter months. Your hands just don't cut it, ladies. Nothing says cold weather like flaking, dry skin!

2) A DryBar tool set bundle. They usually offer this every year (for a pretty penny) but it's definitely worth paying for. The tools last, are under warranty, and come with free DryBar product and clips when purchased together. These are pretty much the bare bones of your home styling kit. Must, must, must. Thanks, Santa.

3) Bobbi Brown's Smokey Nude Pallete. Having this is pretty much like your induction to the "Big Girls Makeup Club". It's sophisticated color variation is great for work, but shimmery enough to smoke up for out for a night out with Mr. Sexy-Pants. Perfect for the Holiday parties you will be forced to attend as well. Bye-bye Urban Decay Naked Pallete, hello Bobbi-Brown.

4) Lush Rose Jam perfume. This stuff is AMAZING. No, really. Amazing. I went to Lush in Highland Village (Houston, TX) last year and bought up as much of it as I could. And guess what? I will do it again this year. And if you don't love this delightful scent as much as I do (even though it also comes in lotion and shower gel), then you can just use your sniffer to snuff out the scent that works best for you. While you are at it, grab a few bath bombs. It's super fun to watch your bath water go from clear to neon pink with glitter.

And as promised here are our Reserved Salon holiday hours:

Thanksgiving Week:

(open Sun)

Closed Mon 11/24

(open Tues-Wed)

Closed Thurs 11/27

(open Fri-Sun)

Christmas Week & leading up:

Closed Sun 12/7

(open Sun)

Closed Mon 12/22

(open Tues)

Closed at 3pm Wed 12/24

Closed Thurs 12/25

(open Fri-Sun)

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